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This article is written in conjunction with my Module 2 final project in the Flatiron School’s Online Data Science program.


For my second major project in my studies, I’m tasked with building a linear regression model to predict house prices in King County, Washington State (which contains Seattle). I wanted to really focus on having a comprehensible model that can be described easily, as my ‘business problem’ I chose to use is that I’m working on building this model for a theoretical Zillow-esque website based in King County, and so users would ideally only have to provide a few pieces…

Flatiron Data Science - Module 1 Project

Welcome! My name is Will Dougherty, and I’m an Online, Self-Paced student in the Flatiron School’s Data Science program. As a relative newcomer to both the data and the science parts of Data Science, it’s been challenging but exciting working through the first module of the course.

Thanks to Flatiron, the course and instructors, I feel great about what I’ve been able to accomplish and learn. I’m thrilled to bring everything together for this first project.

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The Project

Imagine, if you will, that I’ve somehow been hired as a data analyst for Microsoft’s brand-new film production division. …

William Dougherty

Data Science student / pianist / keyboardist

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